Tussey Teaser: Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K Race Report (part of Mountainback, Ian’s)

This will be pretty short. Mainly because it is a road race and nothing very interesting happened. Also because me describing the course wouldn’t be very useful:

We started on a road. There was gravel. Then there was an uphill. Then there was less gravel. Then there was more gravel. Repeat, with some variations. Ok, that is a bit of hyperbole, but I think you get my drift.

Basically looked like this. Source - link

Basically looked like this. Even though this is Vermont. I don’t have any pictures of Rothrock roads.  Source – link

tussey logo

Source – Tussey Mountainback page

Christy and I decided to do the Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K, which is one of the Tussey Teasers. The Tussey Teasers are short(ish) races that are run on segments of the Tussey Mountainback 50 mile course. I figured a little speedy stuff wouldn’t hurt and I have to run a 10K at some point, even if I can’t file this one away in my head as a PR since it is downhill.

The race is a point-to-point. The buses to take us to start were waiting at the parking and finish area at Whipple Dam. There were a few trail folks there, including Meira and Jeff. We got added to a team that needed people (or maybe the RD was just trying to create a team). After a brief warm-up jog partway around the lake, we hopped on the bus.

The race was primarily downhill, so I immediately felt like I was flying. Well, I went out too fast, live and learn. There were still a few climbs on the course. The first place guy got out in front and never looked back. I passed somebody, only to get passed later on. Yup, figured that would happen. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold a fast pace for a full 10K. That is just not a gear I have right now (or maybe ever).

map - tussey page

Course map. Wish it was a loop. Then I wouldn’t have to sit on a bus. Source – link


Profile. The uphill actually stunk. Which is funny considering the course profiles of the usual races I do. Granted, that is when I get to walk. Source – link

I finished in 3rd, but with the World Masters Athletics calculation, I dropped a bunch. Luckily, I wasn’t too worried about that, although I wasn’t stressed about placement in general (even less than I usually am). I figured I was going to get beat by people older than me anyway and knew that my place would drop substantially with the calculation because a 20 something male should be faster than I am. I’ll let somebody else carry my age group’s torch.

We grabbed some sandwiches at the finish line and hung out for the awards and the rather large quantity of raffle prizes they ended up handing out (including socks, and all runners should love socks). Somehow our team won. And by somehow, I actually mean that there were two teams and our team basically won the coin toss. Amusingly, the team names were: Slapped Together & Bulbous Butt.

Winning team (in a field of 2). They told us to grab the trophy. I promise we wouldn't have done that otherwise. Source -

Winning team (in a field of 2). They told us to grab the trophy. I promise we wouldn’t have done that otherwise. Source – Nittany Valley Running

My biggest problem was this meant that I had to drive home and then head out running again to get my weekend mileage in. Not the most efficient use of time. I also decided that I don’t need to run any road 5 or 10Ks for the next 10 years or so. But maybe not ever. I’ll stick to the woods.

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